Woman Reunites With Fla. Firefighters Who Carried Her and Wheelchair 13 Flights After Elevator Broke

Paraplegic Woman Reunites With Florida Firefighters After High-Rise Rescue

The local community of Lauderdale Florida witnessed a heartwarming moment when paraplegic Haleigh Rosa reunited with the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue team. The team of firefighters rescued Haleigh when she became trapped on the 31st floor due to non-operational elevators. Haleigh’s story of rescue and gratitude has touched hearts worldwide.

The Heroic Rescue

The Heroic Rescue

Paraplegic Haleigh Rosa found herself stranded on the 31st floor of a high-rise building due to inoperative elevators. The Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue was called for help. The rescue team’s quick response and swift action turned the situation around. Confronted with non-functional elevators, the firefighters stepped up, carrying Haleigh and all her belongings safely up an impressive 13 flights of stairs to reach another functional elevator bank. Their resolute dedication showcased the power of collective kindness during trying times.

The Viral Gratitude

In a TikTok video, Haleigh expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue team. Capturing the firefighters’ valiant rescue mission, the video highlighted a moment of unity and assistance. Her thankfulness resonated globally, as the overwhelming response on social media underlined the profound impact of firefighters’ dedication to aiding those in need. She also visited the Fort Lauderdale fire station a few days later, with treats from a local bakery. She had a warm reunion with the firefighters, conveying her deep appreciation for their instrumental role in her rescue. This touching reconnection has emphasized the strong camaraderie forged during trying times.

Advocating for Accessibility

Haleigh Rosa’s experience of ordeal draws important attention to the pressing need for accessible infrastructure, especially in emergencies. She hopes that her story will ignite discussions on crafting better solutions to cater to the safety of individuals with disabilities, especially during unforeseen circumstances. This heartwarming tale of heroism and gratitude underscores the significance of inclusivity and compassion in the challenging world of today.

Chinese Brand Geely Face Chip Shortage, but Sales Remain Unaffected So Far

China’s Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd., a Chinese brand, managed to hit its sales target for the year. They bet that their new vehicle’s launch would offset the temporary problem caused by a shortage of a chip and the reappearance of coronavirus cases.

Impressive Sales Record

Due to the upbeat forecast and impressive revenue growth in the first half itself, the company’s shares have gone up by 4%. A Geely spokesperson said that the chip shortage and the rise in coronavirus cases are posing a serious threat to the company’s performance in the coming months. However, the pending launch of newer vehicles means that the brand should be able to perform well in the second half as well. Geely has maintained its yearly target of 1.53 million sales.

The Reason Behind the Success

Geely and Lynk & Co are a joint venture along with Volvo as well as the electric vehicle companies Geometry and Zeekr. Together, the annual sales are estimated to reach 3.65 million vehicles by 2025. Over 30% of these sales are said to come from electrified vehicles. The company posted that recorded a 22% increase in their revenue in six months to the tune of 45 billion yuan which is $6.94 billion. The reason behind this success was a good product mix.

Over 90% of the brand’s vehicles are bought in China. However, the brand has been trying to increase its exports recently and focusing on countries in Europe and Southeast Asia. Their net profit increased only by 4%, which is about 2.38 billion yuan. This was because of the share-based payments to the tune of 641 million yuan.

The Parent Company

Geely’s parent company, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group created Zeekr in order to capture the EV market which is highly competitive at the moment. This company also has its stakes in the Daimler AG and Volvo Cars. Geely claimed that it aims to seek funding from external sources to introduce newer electric models under Zeekr.