This TikTok Dad Shares Heartwarming Videos to Remind Us of Our Fathers

Fathers are one of the building blocks in their child’s life. They teach us life lessons, share inspirational victories with us, and make us strong enough to overcome challenges. But, there are many children unfortunately deprived of such fatherly love and guidance in their lives. For those kids who yearn for a father, the viral TikTok ‘Dad’ is here!

The Spark of Inspiration

Summer Clayton used to create and post feel-good videos like any other avid TikToker. But, one day, in the fall of 2020, he stopped at one message, while reading all the comments for his recent post. The message read, “Thanks, Dad.” The 26-year-old wasn’t exactly from the league of fathers. But, that particular comment made the Mississippi-based personal trainer think about the exact kind of effect of his TikTok videos. He was reminded of the support and love he got from his own father. He realized that every kid needs a father figure around them to teach practical lessons and to say the words all children dream of hearing from their parents — “I’m proud of you.” That’s when Summer thought to try to fill the gap, even just a little.

Becoming the ‘Dad’

The next morning, Summer posted his first TikTok video under the handle @yourprouddad. He started to post how-to videos, regularly demonstrating mundane life skills like handling a shaving razor, tying a tie, checking the tire pressure, jumpstarting a car, etc. He kept adding uplifting thoughts and motivational commentaries to his videos. Summer got another idea to host virtual dinners with his TikTok followers. In his videos, he cooks food and sets out two plates so his guests feel like having a meal with him. During the meal, he asks his audience to share about their day. As expected, comments started to roll in from viewers of all ages, sharing their days’ experiences and remembering their own fathers. With that, Summer has brought sunshine to all!