A Video Capturing the ‘Real Speed of Planes’ Shows Just How Fast They Actually Go

How Fast Do Planes Really Go?

Have you ever wondered how fast planes actually go? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell because they’re far away or we’re inside them. Sometimes, things seem slower or faster based on how quickly they move within our field of vision. This trick is called motion parallax. For example, when a car zooms by on a highway, objects rush past rapidly, making the car appear faster. On the other hand, a plane in the sky seems slower because it stays in our sight for a longer time. But a recent TikTok video bypasses that illusion and shows us the real speed of planes.

The Lightning-Fast Boeing 737

The Lightning-Fast Boeing 737

In the video, a Boeing 737 takes the spotlight. This common passenger plane has a cruising speed of a whopping 545 mph. No wonder it whizzes by so quickly in the video! Although this speed is considered fast, there are even faster planes out there such as the Concorde and SR-71 Blackbird. Interestingly, the Concorde goes faster than the speed of sound and still, its speed is nothing compared to the fastest planes ever made.

The Astonishing Reality of Passenger Jets

Although passenger jets may not reach supersonic plane speeds, they still offer an amazing travel experience. Just think about it – traveling at over 500 mph while being thousands of feet above the ground is extraordinary. The video captures this incredible speed as an airliner zips through the clouds, making it hard to believe it’s real.

The Mystery of Planes

While experts talk about thrust, air pressure, and lift, an airplane flying still feels like magic. It’s incredible that we can hop on a plane and soar through the air, powered by the remains of dinos. Whether it’s defying gravity or taking us to faraway places, planes embody human ingenuity and our desire to explore the unknown.

This New Video Game Is Inspired by the Poetry of Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson created nearly 1800 poems during her lifetime but could publish only ten. She certainly tried to publish more by writing to an Atlantic Monthly writer asking if her verse was alive. 136 years after her death, Emily Dickinson is one of the most celebrated poets in America, with her verse very much alive in pop culture, being used for song lyrics, band names, television series titles, etc. Now, there’s an interesting latest addition to the line of Dickinson-inspired modern creations. Behold the EmilyBlaster!

The EmilyBlaster

EmilyBlaster is a 1980s-style free video game based on the poems of Emily Dickinson. A poem appears on screen before starting each gameplay, and the players have to shoot down words from the sky. The game cycles between Dickinson’s poems like “I Felt a Funeral in My Brain,” “Because I Could not Stop for Death,” “That Love is All There is,” and many others. The objective of the game is to shoot the words in the correct order to assemble the selected poem.

The Inspiration

EmilyBlaster is inspired by a fictional game from the upcoming novel Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin. The book tells the story of two childhood friends who create video games together after reconnecting in later life. Sadie, one of the friends, creates the EmilyBlaster, based on the poetry of Emily Dickinson. According to the author, the memorable phrasings and compact verse of Dickinson make for perfect targets to shoot!

The Video Game

As per the novel, in EmilyBlaster, poetic fragments fall from the top and track along the bottom of the screen. During the gaming process, the player has to shoot the poem fragments using an ink-shooting quill, to add up to one of the poems by Emily Dickinson. If successful in the game, the fictional player earns and collects points to decorate a room in Dickinson’s Amherst house.