iPhones Have a ‘Secret’ Button That Can Do Pretty Much Anything

TikTok // @ellyawesometech

Despite the fact that iPhones are incredibly popular, a lot of people don’t take advantage of all the phones’ features. That’s because there are a lot of ‘hidden’ aspects of the phones that people don’t even know exist. To be fair, there have been over 20 generations of iPhones, so once you master one, another one becomes available. Well, we’re here to tell you all about the ‘back tap’ button!

The Secret Feature

iPhones have a ‘back tap’ button, as revealed by a TikTok tech reviewer in 2022. @ellyawesometech recorded herself in a now-viral video explaining, “You’re using your iPhone wrong if you’re not using the Back Tap feature. Yes, there’s a secret button on the back of your iPhone. I use Back Tap so I can Shazam a song in two seconds. Look at that! Listening, we’re ready to go.” The clip captioned, “Back Tap is an insane hidden iPhone feature!” now has over 2.5 million views on TikTok.

People’s Reactions

People had thoughts upon learning that they can set up their back tap button to be a shortcut for pretty much any feature they choose. One person wrote, “Omg omg omg you have changed my life forever.” Another suggested, “f you enable this feature for screenshotting, I’d recommend setting it to triple tap to avoid accidental screenshots.” A third person chimed in, “Set it to mute/unmute because the button doesn’t work on my phone, genius. So much easier than using the little button thing on the screen.”

Image by Freepik

We don’t know about you, but we’ll definitely be trying this out!

Mixed-Reality Headset by Apple Might Arrive This Year

Tech giant Apple might be ready to launch its mixed-reality headset in 2023. The company has apparently been working on this project for years, and is finally ready to take the big step and bring the product to market soon. A report by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg suggests that Apple is going to focus on a lot of technological development and release a new device in 2023.

The New Headset

The headset is expected to look like ski goggles with multiple cameras that will be used to track your body’s movements in real-time. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, is a firm believer in AR’s promising future, and the company has been trying to inculcate it in its products for some time now. The new headset is designed in a way that will give users an experience of both worlds: augmented and virtual. The company is expected to launch this product in June during its Worldwide Developers Conference. The company has released no details about the operating system that is being used or the name of the product, but according to Bloomberg, the OS may be called xrOS, and the headset could be named Reality Pro.

Roadmap 2023

Apart from the new mixed-reality headset, is Apple bringing any major changes to its other products? Well, as per Mark Gurman’s discussion, don’t get your hopes up. The company’s other products, like AirPods, Macbooks, iPhones, Apple Watch, and all the iPads, will only see upgrades in their components; there will be no major change to their designs. Although users can expect a new Mac Pro, a 15-inch MacBook Air, and the return of the HomePod, the design of the new Mac Pro is expected to be similar to the existing one, and it will have the M2 Ultra. As for Apple’s cash cow, its iPhones, a report suggests the company’s production for its new iPhone 15 is right on track.