You Can Now Charge Your Phone in Just 60 Seconds

It’s the Era of Instant Charging

In a world where smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, the eternal struggle of keeping their batteries charged seems never-ending. Spending two hours roaming around the house because your phone is charging, just to find out that you need to plug it back in after another hour can be really frustrating. Well, scientists might have finally solved all your issues with their groundbreaking discovery. The market now has a battery that can be fully charged in 60 seconds!

Batteries Before the Discovery

Before scientists made this breakthrough, smartphone users were having a power struggle with aluminum batteries, which sometimes have a tendency of bursting into flames. These batteries would take hours to get fully charged and would drain out before you could finish a movie. In order to eliminate the long cords going across the house with you and your mobile, scientists have come up with lithium-ion batteries that would only take a minute of your life to get charged. Additionally, these batteries won’t catch fire, even if someone decides to drill a hole through it.

The 60-Second Batteries

The 60-Second Batteries

The new battery technology that can charge your phone in 60 seconds is a significant advancement compared to existing aluminum batteries. Previously, these batteries could only be charged around 100 times before losing their effectiveness, while lithium-ion batteries can be charged up to 1,000 times. So, this new battery technology is a major improvement in terms of charging speed and longevity, offering a promising solution for our constant need to recharge our phones.

The Market Reach

If you are wondering why these batteries haven’t already taken over the market, it’s because this new technology would be a little on the expensive end. Additionally, the majority of people still choose the tried-and-true practice of charging their phones overnight, and there are other hacks that individuals have discovered to extend the battery life of their smartphones.