Amazon Alexa Features Secret Prompt Which Can Save You From Awkward Conversations

Alexa’s Social Grace

Amazon’s Alexa, which made its debut in households back in 2014, has become an essential feature in the lives of many. Though some have criticized the device for its security risks, others have found great use for it, from answering queries to managing tech gadgets around the house. But Alexa’s potential doesn’t end here; it can even serve as a helpful tool in matters of etiquette.

Dealing With Awkward Conversations

Imagine hosting a dinner party with friends or family, in which lively conversation takes an unexpected turn into potentially contentious topics. These matters can easily induce embarrassment, strain, or even conflicts. Rather than making an effort to alter the topic yourself, you may now assign this precarious mission to Alexa. A straightforward voice order, “Alexa, change the subject” might just be the life-saver you need to manage such sociable quandaries. It offers an amusing and jovial way to switch the conversation away from uncomfortable territory.

Alexa’s Suggested Conversation Starters

Alexa’s Suggested Conversation Starters

While Alexa’s intervention can be a welcome relief, its choice of conversation starters might not always lead to smoother discussions. Sample conversation topics Alexa suggests are known for their ability to stir the pot. For example, one prompt is, “Pineapple on pizza was the greatest culinary development of the 20th century. Discuss…” Another asks, “Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?” These provocative topics inject a sense of humor and playfulness into social interactions.

Alexa’s Versatility

Beyond its capacity for supervising communication interactions, Alexa provides a variety of features and operations that users may not be aware of. For example, it gives users the capability to inspect and wipe out voice histories that it has retained. Users can also examine particular audio recordings, granting them assurance that their talks with Alexa remain private. In addition, they are able to select individual recordings to remove or do an overall deletion inside a set date.