ChatGPT Has Investors Drooling – But Is it Worth the Hype?

ChatGPT, a chatbot launched by OpenAI, has been in demand ever since it made it to the market. According to the company, their ChatGPT is worth at least hundreds of millions of dollars. Despite the fact that none of OpenAI’s models, including ChatGPT, generate significant revenue, the company is expecting a $10 billion investment from Microsoft, according to rumors.

What to Expect

Internet users were astonished by OpenAI’s chatbot’s remarkable ability to provide answers and pull off stunts like writing largely logical essays, creating functional computer code, and pondering the meaning of existence. It works on GPT-3 which is a text-generating algorithm made by OpenAI that can easily answer queries after being fed massive amounts of text from the web and other sources.

Experts’ Opinions

James Cham, a partner at an investment firm called Bloomberg Beta, is not yet completely sure how great ChatGPT will turn out after its initial hype. But similar to many venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, he firmly believes that the bot’s technology will be very profitable. He feels the current situation is quite similar to the early days when the internet was introduced. According to him, the tech might bring a major shift in how software, IT firms, and society at large operate. Although there have been many excellent AI demonstrations over the years, Cham claims that ChatGPT is the only one where everyone is genuinely enthusiastic about the product.

The Benefit to Microsoft

There are numerous ways that Microsoft might leverage the technology to enhance its products. Microsoft currently uses ChatGPT’s technology to automatically generate code snippets in its Visual Studio software, and it is apparently considering using ChatGPT to boost the efficiency of Bing, its sluggish search engine. Microsoft may also potentially view OpenAI as a means to play catch-up and make up for its lack of progress in cutting-edge AI research.