Binge-Watching Friends Scientifically Proven To Relax You

There is a certain comfort you feel when you hear the Friends theme song after a long day. “I’ll be there for you.” This is the moment you feel like you can just put your feet up and relax. The stress relief you’ve been feeling during your Friends binge-watching sessions now has scientific backing.

Binge-Watching Friends Scientifically Proven to relax you

An Escape From Reality

According to Marc Hekster, a clinical psychologist at The Summit Clinic, watching sitcoms such as Friends and The Big Bang Theory can help you relax and can even decrease anxiety. So, next time someone tells you to stop binge-watching your favorite series, show them this.

These shows are about relatable relationships and have a repetitive nature that makes them relaxing, according to Hekster.

According to Hekster, the repetitive and relational nature of these TV shows are what makes them relaxing.

“Complex problems are made the focus of each episode, and then they are resolved within the relationships which are the essence of the shows. It is pure escapism, excellent, bring it on,” Hekster said.

By watching Friends, you are focusing on the characters’ worries and problems instead of your own, allowing you to disconnect from reality at least for a bit. Beyond that, you can be comforted by the knowledge that these issues will be resolved smoothly by the end of the episode.

Binge-Watching Friends Scientifically Proven to relax you

The Dangers Behind It

While TV shows are a great way to relax, they can cause you to think that they truly demonstrate reality.

“On the negative side,” Hekster said, “none of it is very real, and how can life ever be so…kind of perfect? It can’t.”

So remember it is just a show and don’t get too sucked in, but next time you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, just turn to your friends –  Joey, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, and Chandler.