This Sleeping Pod Could Make Airport Layovers Much More Comfortable

Ever wished that you could have a proper sleep at an airport while waiting for your flight? Well now, a pod has been designed to make layovers a much more pleasant experience.

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A lot of us have been there before. You have to stay at an airport overnight and the only way you can sleep is by sitting up straight or using your hand luggage as a pillow. One company has taken this concern into consideration and created a device to address the issue.

After all, you could book a short stay at a hotel nearby. However, it can be expensive. Not to mention, many airports are strict about how much they let their guests sleep in the airport.

Many people resort to lying down on the floor or finding a quiet corner of the airport. Now though, a new sleeping pod has been created that will allow people who want to have a nap take off their socks, kick back, and have some much-needed shut-eye.

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It is believed that once the summer is over, these cute little “sleep capsules” are going to start appearing in a number of airports around the world. They only fit up to two people. However, that is pretty much where the regulations end.

The ultimate goal of the sleep pod is to allow individuals to have a private space to take it easy, sleep or even work. It also keeps the passengers at the airport during layovers. It means that users won’t feel compelled to leave to find a place to rest their head.

The ergonomic seat can easily be converted into a bed. However, that’s just scratching the surface in terms of the pod’s features. It also includes air conditioning, Wi-Fi, power outlets to charge devices and even luggage storage.

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Also, if you want to find out if your flight is delayed, then you just tap on the monitor and you will get all the flights’ information and their expected arrival/departure times.