Expert Gives Tips On How To Spice Up Your Online Dating Profile

Online dating is quickly becoming as popular a way to date as walking into a bar or being set up with someone by your friends. Despite being in control of how you want to sell yourself, there are still many ways that you can spice up your profile.

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Dating coach Bela Gandhi seems to know what the finest touches are that could be the difference between finding no one and finding THE one. “People think that dating is like Amazon Prime, [but] you’re not going to find someone in two days,” Gandhi said. “You have to stay active and committed.”

Gandhi’s first pointer is to make sure that selfies are no longer a part of your profile. “Have someone take a photo of you,” she said. “The bathroom selfies just don’t do it. Even if you’ve got a banging body, leave something to the imagination and put your clothes on.”

One rookie mistake when it comes to online dating is uploading images that were taken years ago. That person in the photo is most likely not you anymore. Gandhi also advises avoiding headshots, as well as group photos. The potentials need to know exactly who the profile is representing.

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“No sunglasses, no not looking at the camera, no kids, no pets, no friends and no pics of the food you ate,” she said. “Show your personality, smile. You don’t have to lay across a piano, they’re looking for someone who looks happy and trustworthy, the rest will come out in person.”

Today, there are so many dating platforms to choose from. However, Gandhi believes that it’s better to invest in one or at the very most, two. Any more would be pointless.

Also, there is no denying the power of keywords. Gandhi points out words such as “sweet,” “fun,” and “thoughtful,” which have had particular success when used in the right way.

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Finally, updating your profile once a week is important, in order to keep things fresh. “Give people something new to look at, don’t just wait like a honey pot,” she said.