McDonald’s Teams Up with Singer Saweetie for a Meal

McDonald’s has teamed up with Saweetie for a promotional month – and dare we say – we are loving it? The collaboration started on Monday – Aug 9. The Mcdonald’s goers could purchase The Saweetie Meal nationwide. What will the mean entail? Well, the Saweetie Mean consists of a Big Mac, 4-pieces of chicken nuggets, a medium-sized serving of French fries, and Sprite. Along with that, it also includes Tangy BBW and Sweet N Sour sauces. They also renamed their Sweet N Sour sauce for the promotion, which they are now calling – “Saweetie’ N Sour” sauce.

What Else Can One Expect?

McDonald’s Morgan Flatley said that the brand is thrilled to partner with Saweetie – complimenting her for putting her own spin on everything she touches.

True to the fashion – the promotion is not limited to the meal-offering – it will also have a digital food remix guide. The guide will show how you can mix around food, for example: how a Big Mac can be further enhanced with fries, how chicken nuggets can be eaten as a sandwich with patties from burger can be used as a bun, and more. What’s more, these food hacks are Saweetie’s very own creations that she uses every day in her life. Flatey also added that Saweetie celebrates her love for food by bringing in spark and creativity in her signature orders.

Even Saweetie talked about the brand, in a statement given to the press, she talks about her fond memories of the brand from her childhood days.

Celebrity Partners Over the Years

While Saweetie is the latest partner for McDonald’s, since the launch of its Famous Orders program last year, McDonald’s had partnered with various celebrities for the same.

McDonald’s celebrity orders program had rolled out ahead of the 54th Super Bowl. The brand had unveiled an ad that talked about the go-to celebrity orders. Celebrities like Kanye West, Millie Bobby Brown, Kim Kardashian, Whoopi Goldberg, Magic Johnson, Keith Urban. were all included in the list. In September 2020 – the brand had rolled in the famous rapper Travis Scott – which was reportedly a huge success. Talks about complete sell-outs and ingredient shortages were making rounds.

Apart from Travis, singers like J Balvin and the K-pop group BTS were also rolled in for the program.

The Carbon Footprint That One Bitcoin Generates Is a Problem

Bill Gates recently stated in an interview that Bitcoin uses more electricity for a transaction than any other method known to mankind. This is why it’s not a great climate thing. At a time when organizations and investors increasingly say that they are completely focused on sustainability and climate issues, some of them may be about to collide with the reality of another financial trend. One that’s currently worth about $1 trillion: Bitcoin.


It has become inescapable, with individual investors and big companies like Tesla rushing to stock up on the digital token. However, depending on which research you are interested in, the annual carbon emissions from the electricity required to mine Bitcoin and process its transaction are equal to the amount that’s emitted by Argentina or all of New Zealand.

Carbon Emissions From 1BTC?

To put this into a different point of view, the transaction of one Bitcoin is the “equivalent to the carbon footprint of 55,280 hours of watching YouTube or 735,121 Visa transactions, according to research. Critics of this comparison bravely point out that the average Bitcoin transaction is worth about $16,000, whereas the average Visa transaction is worth $46.37.

As Bitcoin becomes more popular, its ecosystem consumes more and more resources. The so-called miners verify transactions involving crypto by using computers that can solve increasingly complex mathematical equations. They earn bitcoins for their work, which means that the more popular it becomes, the more competition there is to mine new tokens.

CEO of Tesla Elon Musk has invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin

Bitcoin Mining & Transactions Increasing

Tesla, a company that’s so focused on reducing climate change through lower carbon emissions, invested more than $1.5 billion of its balance in Bitcoin. How would its holdings affect its sustainability score? Other organizations are also considering whether to add Bitcoin to their balance sheets. Financial institutions like Guggenheim Partners have already invested in Bitcoin and Bank of New York Mellon says it will soon start financing crypto transactions.

So far, Bitcoin’s problem regarding carbon emissions hasn’t slowed down its price, which was hovering Monday night around $50,000 for a token. As a comparison, it was $8,000 a year ago.