Why Hawaii’s Stunning Waikiki Beach Is In Big Trouble

If you love to travel the globe and check out all of the beautiful destinations that the world has to offer, there’s a high chance that Hawaii is on your bucket list. These islands are truly special, and it should come as no surprise to learn that millions of people book their flights to see them for themselves every single year. Each island comes with its own unique quirks, but it’s fair to say that Waikiki Beach in Oahu is perhaps one of the most popular attractions for tourists. Unfortunately, it seems as though this stunning beach is now in big trouble…

Why Hawaii’s Stunning Waikiki Beach Is In Big Trouble

The Famous Beach

Honolulu is a hugely popular destination for tourists who flock to Hawaii each year. The capital city is perhaps the largest and the most vibrant of the lot, and it seems to be the epicenter for nightlife, nature, city life, and beach days. One of the best beaches in the area is Waikiki Beach. This beach first became famous in the 1800s when Hawaiian royalty claimed it as their own personal haven, but it has since become a hive of activity for people from all walks of life. The golden sands bring in those who want to bask in the sun, the waves inspire surfers and water sports enthusiasts, and the impressive hotels provide luxury shelter for tourists. However, it seems as though it might not stay this way.

A Big Threat

Every day, news of climate change and global warming makes its way onto our social media feeds and our television screens. Yet, how many of you actually take note of it? If we can’t see these things for ourselves, many of us tend to ignore it. It’s important that we realize what’s going on because it’s important that we save the world before it’s too late. Those who have traveled to Waikiki Beach recently may not notice any difference in terms of its beauty, but it seems as though rising sea levels and coastal erosion could put the beach in a threatening position.

Why Hawaii’s Stunning Waikiki Beach Is In Big Trouble

Rising Sea Levels

More than anything, the rising sea levels are becoming more and more dangerous. Over the course of the past few decades, Hawaii’s sea levels have risen a whopping 15 centimeters, and this is just increasing every single year. Before too long, the golden sands will be no more.

It’s time to make a change.