What Is The Extinction Rebellion? The People Bringing London To A Standstill

If you like to keep up with the everyday goings-on in the world, you may have seen that the city of London has been taken over by protestors who don’t plan on moving anytime soon. These people call themselves the Extinction Rebellion, but do you really know what they’re fighting for? These men, women, and children have faced being arrested for standing their ground because they believe that what they’re fighting for is so much more important than anything else in this world.

What Is The Extinction Rebellion? The People Bringing London To A Standstill

The Extinction Rebellion

The protestors within the Extinction Rebellion aren’t just one group of people who decided to bring London to a standstill. Over the course of their protests, those within the Extinction Rebellion have come from all walks of life, all different places around the world, and all different backgrounds. Their plight is simple. They want to make people aware of the dangers facing our world, and they want the British government to stop ignoring the fact that our existence is threatened by our own actions.

The Three Steps

The main aim of the Extinction Rebellion is to get the government and the rest of the world to listen to their three-step plan. The first step is for the government to “tell the truth” about the true scale of global warming and climate change. The second step is for the government to create laws and legally binding rules to reduce carbon emissions to zero by the time 2025 comes along. Finally, their third step is to form a Citizens’ Assembly to help the government achieve these goals with good intentions.

What Is The Extinction Rebellion? The People Bringing London To A Standstill

Making A Stand

The Extinction Rebellion are making their mark by blocking roadways, interrupting flights at the airports in and around airports, sticking themselves to public transport, and even staging “die-ins” at famous London landmarks. While many deem this to be extreme, this massive and ever-growing group of people are just trying to make their voices heard. Through this, they hope that step one – and then ultimately the next two steps – will take form.

It seems as though their voices are being heard, because the Extinction Rebellion is now being formed across the globe, and thousands of people are now joining forces to try and enact change.