Scientists Have Found Ancient Life 2.4km Below Ground

We have been gifted with billions of years of history all saved on our planet. Even though we have been searching for answers for generations, it looks as though scientists have found ancient life that’s been lying 2.4km below ground all this time.

The Oldest On Earth

Kidd Creek Mine in Canada is the home of some of the oldest water found on Earth. While scientists have known this for years, they have recently discovered that something could have been making use of it all this time.

Their Theory

Many researchers wanted to uncover the biosphere that lies under the Earth’s surface. However, it looked as though it was inhospitable for any living thing. There are no nutrients or light, and it is too hot, right?

Scientists Have Found Ancient Life 2.4km Below Ground

Uncovering The Truth

It wasn’t until scientists got the chance to collect samples from the water that they learned the truth. The water had been living 2.4km (1.5 miles) below the surface, but it was filled with bacteria.

Studying The Samples

The team studied the samples and determined the bacteria had been living off of nothing but the energy from the rocks and sulfate. Although they need to research further, it looks as though 70% of the world’s microorganisms could live underground after all.

Scientists Have Found Ancient Life 2.4km Below Ground

To The Future

So what does this all mean? Learning about the new ecosystem could help researchers understand more about the biosphere under the surface. Plus, it could mean we are one step closer to discovering extinct life on other planets in our solar system.

Scientists uncover new and incredible discoveries every year, and it seems as though this ancient life could hold more answers than anyone ever believed. It might have been 2.4km below the surface, but the bacteria might soon change our knowledge on the entire solar system.