This Isn’t An Alien, It’s A Psychedelic Frogfish

Even though we’ve explored so much of the world, there’s still a lot out there that we’ve yet to see. It seems like every day we’re discovering something new, whether it be flora or fauna, and it reminds us just how incredible the Earth is. Just look at this fish found on the coast of Indonesia. It looks like something out of this world, but it’s not an alien – it’s the psychedelic frogfish.

This Isn’t An Alien, It’s A Psychedelic Frogfish

A Unique Appearance

Found in the coral reefs of Indonesia, this intriguing specimen is quite a sight to behold. Covered in white and orange swirls, you could be fooled into thinking the fish was just a part of the underwater landscape. However, then you notice the aquamarine eyes and downturned mouth, and it becomes clear that this is a living creature. The fact they look like the surrounding scenery is apparently intentional because they want to blend into the reef.

Hiding In Plain Sight

Blending into the background is something that’s relatively common of the frogfish. While the psychedelic species tries to mimic the look of coral, their relatives have been known to mask themselves as seaweed, sponges, and other underwater decorations. The benefit of being able to fit into their surroundings means they can easily ambush prey when it swims within range.

This Isn’t An Alien, It’s A Psychedelic Frogfish

What Makes Them Tick

Since the psychedelic frogfish was first discovered, we’ve learned a fair amount about them. For instance, unlike other frogfish, this species doesn’t use a lure to attract prey, instead simply waiting until their next meal is close enough to gang up on. However, they are similar to other frogfish in that they also hop around on the seafloor. By using their fins to propel themselves off the ground, they live up to their frog-like name.

An Unknown Entity

Of course, a lot is still unknown about the psychedelic frogfish. They’re considered an enigma because, despite their camouflage appearance, they don’t always live in areas where this coral is present. It makes scientists wonder what prompts them to set up a habitat in places that don’t allow them to blend into the background. Hopefully, with more time and research, they’ll be able to identify what it is that makes these curious fish tick.

It’s amazing how many species like this are hiding in our oceans without us realizing. It makes you wonder just what other creatures we might encounter one day.