Say Goodbye to the Old & Inefficient 60-Watt Lightbulbs

Lately, there’s been a lot more attention around the world on lightbulbs. Over the last decade, lightbulb manufacturers raced to make their products more efficient. It’s a type of competition that helps people save both money and energy. The environment got a pretty big boost too.

But not every person is a fan of innovations. Keep reading and find out more.

Lumens, Not Watts

Say Goodbye to the Old & Inefficient 60-Watt Lightbulbs

Many people say that more efficient lightbulbs do not make you look as good. In fact, it’s been argued many times multiple times over the past few years – which is a decent argument, considering people care a lot about looking good. Vanity aside, the position is still quite popular that consumers ought to be able to purchase whatever kind of lightbulbs they want, even if it’s ones that are not as energy efficient as other options out there.

Powerful Lightbulbs – Less Power, More Light

Old-school incandescent lightbulbs, which are known for wasting a ton of energy, were phased out of stores by 2020. That was a result of new energy efficiency standards signed into law within the last couple of decades. However, this changed dramatically again this year when those standards were rolled back.

Noah Horowitz, who works on the energy efficiency at the nonprofit NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council, claimed that America has been setting itself up to quickly become the dumping ground of the world for these inefficient products. The new lightbulbs use less power to give off a higher amount of light. Therefore, purchasers will no longer be buying bulbs based on their power, expressed in watts. They will somehow shift towards buying bulbs based on their light output, expressed in lumens.

Say Goodbye to the Old & Inefficient 60-Watt Lightbulbs

The bottom line, the nation’s switch toward more efficient lightbulbs is well underway. Retailers and bulb manufacturers have stepped up to the plate, and we now have great energy-saving light sources on the shelf ready for every socket in your property.