Foxes Were Once Kept As Pets In The Bronze Age

Household pets come in many different forms these days, but cats and dogs rank among the most popular. There are so many reasons why people might choose to have these pets, and companionship is important. Studies suggest that humans have kept pets for a long while, and it is believed that in the Bronze Age we used to keep an unlikely creature as a pet – the fox!

Were Foxes Once Kept As Pets In The Bronze Age?

A Discovery Of Foxes

It might seem unlikely, given the current attitude we have toward foxes, but it seems this wasn’t always the case. Archaeologists digging in the Iberian Peninsula discovered the remains of 32 dogs, 19 hoofed creatures, a wolf, and four foxes amongst human burials. This is evidence of the funeral practice of burying domestic pets, that came to prominence during the Bronze Age, and shows that foxes may have been kept as household pets!

Assessing The Diets

As we know, pets need to be fed and nurtured, but back in those days you couldn’t walk into a Walmart and buy pet food over the counter! Back in those times, pets usually had a diet that was consistent with leftovers from their owners. Assessing the diets of the animals and their owners in this investigation, scientists determined that dogs had a diet very similar to their human owners, while at least one of the foxes had a diet rich in cereals.

Were Foxes Once Kept As Pets In The Bronze Age?

Man’s Best Friend

It seems that the diets and the skeleton of these foxes points to the fact that they were domestic pets. However, this could be down to the fact that back in those days, people would keep animals of all kinds as pets. Of course, as the world evolved, and civilizations grew and developed, we changed the sort of pets we have. Dogs emerged as the pet of choice, and foxes became the wild, untamed creatures they are today.

Dogs needn’t worry. Foxes might have been close to level pegging with dogs back in the Bronze Age, but these days there is only one winner when it comes to household pets, and that’s everyone’s favorite four-legged pal!