Electronic Bandaid Heals Skin 4 Times Faster Than Regular Bandaids

A new discovery has just been made by scientists that could change the face of modern medicine. They developed and created an electronic bandaid that, according to tests, allows the skin to heal four times faster than regular bandaids. This invention could shorten the recovery period necessary for flesh wounds, therefore allowing hospitals and doctors to treat more patients.

Electronic Bandaid Heals Skin 4 Times Faster Than Regular Bandaids

How Does the Bandaid Work?

The electronic device, which has yet to be named, uses breathing to generate an electrical field that stimulates the influx of skin-healing cells. The bandaid was recently tested on rats who had a cut on their backs. The experiment was led by Yin Long and a team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The scientist wrapped the electronic device around the chests of the wounded animals. They also applied the same band to other injured rodents (the control group) but kept it off. After two days, the rats who wore the active device were almost completely healed while their counterparts had made little to no progress. Their trial showed that it took about 3 days for the animals from the test group to heal while the rodents from the control group needed between 10 to 12 for their wounds to close.

Electronic Bandaid Heals Skin 4 Times Faster Than Regular Bandaids

The Idea Behind the Invention

Since the 1960s, medical practitioners have been using electrical stimulation to promote wound healing. The process reduces swelling, boosts blood flow, and encourages the growth of new tissue. Since diabetic foot, surgical woods, and leg ulcers are common skin injuries that rarely heal, Long and his team decided to come up with a solution that will help people with their health issues. According to different studies, an estimated 6.5 million people are affected every year in the U.S. by various hard-to-heal skin injuries.

This new type of bandaid will enable people to benefit from the advantages of electrical stimuli without having to spend time in a hospital or invest in expensive equipment that is currently used by doctors around the world.