Britain Could Soon Have Wolves And Bears Back

For 1,000 years, people living in Britain needed to visit the zoo if they wanted to see wolves and bears living side by side. However, it looks as though the animals could be returning to the wild after all these years.

Britain Could Soon Have Wolves And Bears Back

Going Extinct

Sadly, European brown bears were thought to have gone extinct in Britain around the Medieval times. Gray wolves also disappeared from the landscape around the 1600s as hunting and human-made structures dominated the scene. They have been missing for more than 1,000 years, but that could soon change.

Returning The Landscape

A small area of Britain, known as Bear Wood, is run by the Bristol Zoological Society. Now, the team hopes to reintroduce bears and wolves to the area, but that’s not all. They also want to return the landscape to its former glory by removing all human-made structures, such as buildings or dams, and replanting several lost species of fauna.

Britain Could Soon Have Wolves And Bears Back

Not The First

It turns out that bears and wolves aren’t the first species to make their way back to the British countryside. Over the years, dormice, pine martens, and beavers have all successfully be reintroduced to areas of land they would have once dominated before they became extinct in the area.

Inspiring The World

Thankfully, many other countries have also reintroduced lost species. Chad has welcomed back the scimitar-horned oryx, while the Netherlands has seen the return of the bison, and South Korea has successfully reintroduced the Siberian tiger. To top it off, the US has been working hard to increase the gray wolf’s territory.

Many areas of the world have been dominated by humans for many years. However, that is all set to change in Britain as many wolves and bears could soon have a new home after more than 1,000 years apart.