Boy Finds the Fossil of a Young Hadrosaur While on Hike

Nathan Hrushkin, a 12-year-old boy, was hiking with his dad Dion in a conservation area in Horseshoe Canyon, Canada, when they found the partially exposed fossilized bones of an ancient dinosaur. This was an amazing find for the boy, who wanted to become a paleontologist, and it seems it will kickstart his career because the fossil showed to be 69-million-year-old. It also belongs to a young hadrosaur, which is quite rare.

The Rare Fossil Belongs to a Young Hadrosaur

Young Hadrosaur Fossil Found by a 12-year old boy Nathan Hrushkin and his dad have been visiting the area for years, searching for dinosaur fossils but have so far managed to find only small bone fragments. That is, until this time around when the discovery was far more significant than just a fragment. Nathan took photos and sent them to the Royal Tyrrell Museum, and soon he got confirmation. He learned that he’d found the bones of a young duck-billed dinosaur called hadrosaur.

Horseshoe Canyon is not known for common fossil finds, so the museum quickly sent a team to check out the site. After some digging, they managed to find 30 to 50 additional bones. The four limbs, shoulders, hips, and partial skull bones showed to be of the same creature – a hadrosaur that died around the age of four. Though hadrosaurs fossils are common in the area, Nathan’s discovery is unique because the dinosaur was young and found in a rock formation.

The New Fossil Will Give Scientist New Insights On Dinosaur Evolution

Hadrosaurs Scientists know very little about the dinosaurs and other animals that lived in Alberta during the time of this young hadrosaur, and Nathan’s find will help them learn more. This information could very well fill in some of the gaps in the knowledge scientists have regarding dinosaur evolution. The partial skull is also significant because it will help then determine the exact species of hadrosaur to which it belonged.

The find was thrilling for young Nathan, who has been dreaming of becoming a paleontologist for the past seven years. According to him, it summed up everything he loves about paleontology.

Kanye West fans can remix his new tracks with Donda Stem Player

Kanye West, one of the world’s best-loved rappers, has introduced a whole new experience for his techno-loving fans. In collaboration with electronic equipment design firm, Kano, Kanye has unveiled a “Donda Stem Player,” a device that allows you to remix songs from his latest album “Donda.” The rapper is no stranger to technology and was also in talks with Swedish Electronics manufacturer Teenage Engineering for collaborating in 2019.

How it Works

So what’s exciting about this puck-shaped device? You can isolate parts of the songs you enjoy and set your own background scores to them. Play around with the bass and drums and even vocals give the song our very own interpretation. The stem payer device will not separate “song elements”, but it does come equipped with useful tools such as audio mixing across four channels, different effects, sampling selections, looping, and speed controls.

Product Specifications

To navigate, use four touch-sensitive “light sliders,” and haptic feedback. The gadget has customizable colors, with saving options to share your “creations” with friends. The built-in speaker devices or a Bluetooth connection is ideal for audio streaming, and for private listening, you can always tune into the 3.5mm headphone jack. Audio Files are compatible with both lossy and lossless formats (including AAC, AIFF, MP3, and WAV).

To Buy or Not to Buy

The drawbacks? There are only 8GB of storage to workaround to ensure you save only what you really like! (Not counting the bundled Donda stems). Competitively priced at $200, the Stem Player can now be ordered online. It might be a bit heavy on the pocket for those who are seeking just a temporary indulgence, but it is reasonably priced vis-a-vis most electronic music-making devices. So, get going and split Kanye’s chartbusters into stems with your own beats. Share your tracks and you never know… Kanye himself might give you a “ye!”