This AI Robotic Knee Is Helping People Walk Within Minutes

Science has been leading the way with many medical breakthroughs over the years, and now it seems as though it could be about to change the lives of amputees all around the world with an AI robotic knee.

This AI Robotic Knee Is Helping People Walk Within Minutes

How Robotic Limbs Work

Amazingly, robotic limbs can work in many different ways. Some are controlled via cables that connect to other areas of the body, such as a prosthetic arm being controlled by the opposite shoulder. Other have buttons or switches that can be controlled by the user, and some even have electrodes placed on the skin that pick up the electrical signals from the remaining muscles before translating the action to the robotic limb.

This AI Robotic Knee Is Helping People Walk Within Minutes

The Difference

Many robotic limbs can take weeks to perfect, and might not be usable until the adjustments have been made to suit the individual’s specific needs. However, the new robotic knee could be about to change it all. It turns out that researchers have been working on software that could see people walking on a flat level in as little as 10 minutes. Although it’s wired at the moment, this technology could soon be wireless meaning that patients may never need to head back to the hospital once it’s fitted.

A Few Limitations

The AI is only in the early stages at the moment meaning there are a few limitations. While the AI can pick up the movements at a rapid pace, people needing the robotic limb may only be able to wear the device for 10 to 20 minutes before they need to take a break. Plus, the researchers still need to determine if the technology will be able to learn other aspects of movement, such as rough terrain, stairs, and any inclines.

This AI Robotic Knee Is Helping People Walk Within Minutes

Embracing The World

It seems as though this new robotic knee won’t be hitting the market anytime soon as scientists work to iron out any imperfections, but this is still a significant leap for anyone that finds themselves in need of a prosthetic limb. The best bit? If it works, the AI could soon be adapted to other robotic limbs meaning life could change for everyone.

Science has achieved some incredible things over the years, and while it might still be a long way from the final product, it seems as though this AI robotic knee could be about to change prosthetic limbs work forever.