The Ultimate Gadget For Hikers Has Finally Arrived

Going on adventures into the wild can be a truly exhilarating experience. However, don’t we all wish we could feel a bit safer on these journeys into the unknown? Well now, the ideal gadget for hikers has finally arrived.

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As proven time and time again, hiking can be no fun whatsoever if you get lost and are unable to find any way of contacting the outside world. However, there is no need to worry about that anymore, thanks to this new gadget – the Bivystick.

This nifty little piece of tech from company Bivy allows hikers to connect their phone to it, essentially turning it into an emergency device. If you need help, just send an SOS message to whatever emergency service you need.

That’s not all though. Hikers will also be able to keep updated with weather forecasts, preparing them for virtually any situation in advance. Pitt Grewe, who works for Bivy, explained why the Bivystick is so essential for hikers.

“Our founder was on Mount Everest years ago when there was an earthquake,” Grewe said. “He was up above basecamp and unable to get back down to communicate with anyone for a few days. His wife saw the news and didn’t hear from him so she was ready to start planning his funeral.”

“All of us at Bivy are avid adventurers,” Grewe continued. “When we aren’t working, we’re out in the wild as much as we can be. For us, it’s important that we’re the core users of our products, in order to make them as good as possible. The best products come from people who have the experience.”

“We provide a great interface that people will be familiar with, as it’s all on their mobile phone,” he said. “Bivystick plans are affordable and flexible too. In the past, data plans for satellite communication devices all came with high commitment or high activation fees.”

Not only is Bivy trying to make hiking a safer experience, it is also trying to make the pastime more appealing to the masses.