The Best Smartwatches To Keep Your Wrist Fresh And Useful

In today’s day, we want to harvest the most information from our day as we can. Smartwatches help take an age-old accessory and give it a modern makeover for maximum utility. If you are interested in adding one to your collection, whether you own an analog watch or not, these smartwatches will give you the best utility and design.

LG Watch Style

LG has been putting out sleek-looking products for years, and the LG Watch Style is no different. The smartwatch is billed as a style-conscious timekeeper. It is a bit thicker than a normal watch but is relatively intuitive to use. That being said, it is not the best option for full-service fitness tracking. It lacks a heart rate monitor and is not waterproof. Still, it gets the job done and looks great.

Movado Connect

If you want the most luxurious smartwatch out there, the Movado Connect is for you. It costs $650 but features Movado’s classic Museum Dial and runs Android Wear. Techies won’t find much use for it, but it is perfect for those with high-end tastes thanks to its beautiful design.

Apple Watch Series 3

For iPhone users, the Apple Watch is still the best option on the market. Its compatibility with iPhones is flawless, and it gives you everything from your calendar reminders to fitness tracking via the Health app. The design is arguably its biggest flaw as it still comes in a slightly bulky, rectangular body. The Series 3 also has one model with cellular function.

Fitbit Ionic

You probably will not get many compliments on how the Fitbit Ionic looks, but you will certainly feel great with it on your wrist. At only a few centimeters thick, it is incredibly light and comfortable to wear all day long. For fitness purposes, it is one of the best all-around smartwatches you can find. It is waterproof and holds up to 300 songs so you can jam along as you swim or run without a phone. It also has guided workouts and counts your reps.