TimeFlip Shows How Much Time You Spend On Favorite Activities

Time is of the essence, and there are plenty of individuals out there who like to keep track of theirs. So make sure to have TimeFlip – a gadget that calculates how much time you’re spending on everything else.

timeflip 2

The great thing about TimeFlip is its simplicity. All you need to do is flip the dice-like gadget and have the side facing up that represents what you are currently doing. This cute little dodecahedron has the ability to send signals to your phone via Bluetooth.

Just make sure that you know exactly what you want to do and flip accordingly. So if you want to have a Netflix binge, just flip to the appropriate side. Do you want to read some e-mails? No problem. Just flip to the side that has an e-mail sign on it.

The TimeFlip is customizable so you can apply a variety of stickers depending on what pastimes and activities are your favorites. Some of the stickers include eating, reading and even procrastinating.

timeflip 3

You can also make your own stickers if you have hobbies that are not so mainstream, like sword fighting or capoeira, etc. The only real work that goes into this handful little device is the fact that one must sign up to an account in order to benefit. You can access it via your laptop or the app.

After only being available via TimeFlip’s official website, the device will so be available to purchase on mainstream sites such as Amazon. Probably the best thing about the gadget is its efficiency. Normally, one has to put a fair amount of effort in order to track time.

timeflip 1

Instead, TimeFlip does it for you. Its ability to be personalized is also a huge selling point, meaning that you can manage time on your terms and focus on the things that you love.