This New Suitcase Allows You To Ride Through The Airport

It seems that walking through the airport is a thing of the past, and suitcases are now helping us during our airport experience. The newest generation of “smart” suitcases have proven to tell you how much they weigh, charge your phone, and track themselves to the baggage carousel alone! Now, there’s something even better – they can carry you.


The SE3 by Airwheel is the dreamiest carry-on bag that has just come true. Forget the gold carts you have always envied people riding, the SE3 works as an airport vehicle. In fact, it takes only one second to transform from a practical suitcase to an even more practical scooter, according to the manufacturer. All travelers need to do is extend the handlebars and the front wheel, sit down, and rev the throttle on the handlebar. All that is left to do, is scoot!


Meanwhile, there is a 250-watt electric motor and removable battery included and, according to the company, it is “not a concern” to take this suitcase-turned-vehicle through security. Rather, everything is approved by air regulations that have been set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The only thing to look out for is the weight restrictions; the battery and suitcase alone weighs around 30 pounds.


Controlling the suitcase is done with a smartphone app. As to not go too fast, users can set a speed on their phones before riding and it will not go above this. Depending on the weight of the passenger, the suitcase can go up to 6.21 miles per hour. To set itself aside from other smart suitcases, meanwhile, the SE3 also has a USB port to charge phones while on the go, and it takes roughly three hours to charge the battery fully. Starting at the price of $1,099, an SE3 case in black or silver could be yours.