Danish Startup Releasing Earbuds That Will Revolutionize Your Hearing Experience

We’ve all been there before. You’re in a bar, the music is playing full blast and you just can’t hear what your friend’s saying. Or maybe you’re on the bus and you can’t hear your friend on the phone. Noise can make a huge difference.

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But have no fear, as Danish start-up company Lizn has the perfect solution to your hearing troubles. The headpiece earbuds are wireless and serve two purposes: either you can listen to your music through them or they will help you hear in noisy environments.

At the IFA 2017, wireless earphones are nothing extraordinary by any means. They are common, and they are generally quite cheap. However, Lizn’s headpieces stand out from all the others. But don’t be fooled, these are not supposed to be replacements for hearing aids.

On the contrary, they are specifically to help people improve their hearing in noisy, crowded spaces such as bar, clubs and even in heavy traffic.

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The amazing technology allows the user to adjust what sounds more prevalent, the background noise or the close sounds. This means that the earbuds will make one sound quieter than the other, depending on your preferences.

With the touch of a button, you will be able to use them as typical headphones or as hearing enhancers. This is achieved through the built-in microphones, which take in close sounds or the wider noise depending on the settings.

The head of Lizn comes from a background of audio and hearing development. Also, Denmark is renowned for being a hub for this exact field. So it makes sense that a Danish start-up company would be at the forefront of such useful technology.

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The buds have two main hearing modes, these being ‘comfort’ and ‘boost.’ Either setting is aimed at assisting virtually every type of hearing requirement, meaning that these earbuds cater to virtually any type of situation. Lizn’s Headpieces are scheduled for an October 2017 release.