Warning: Never Plug Your Space Heater Into a Power Strip

The winter months are upon us, and that means after all of the sledding, skiing, and snowball fighting you do, it is time to stay warm indoors. Although it’s a festive time of the year, it is also the fire hazard season! Many things pose a threat to starting a fire in our homes, such as electric blankets.

However, your space heater is also a big concern according to fire safety officials. There’s a tip on how to be careful with these heaters during the winter months, and it’s pretty simple. Officials are urging people to make sure that space heaters are plugged directly into a wall outlet. They say that when space heaters are plugged into extension cords or power strips, things can get dangerous.

These heaters create a lot of energy and sometimes can reach about 600°F! Because of this heat, it is much safer to plug them into the wall directly rather than another power point otherwise it could short-circuit. When that happens, it turns into sparks, smoke, and flames.

Fire departments are extremely concerned and have taken to the internet to share the effects if this happens. So, can you relax your space heater safety when you have it plugged into the wall socket? These heaters always need to be monitored. The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission has released a report with shocking statistics about fires in homes in the country. They have said that more than 25,000 fires in homes are due to space heaters each year. Unfortunately, from these hazards, there is an average of 300 fatalities.

We know it’s nice to be warm and cozy in the colder times of the year, but if you take precautions and observe your devices, you can still enjoy it. The Department of Energy is being helpful by providing tips on safety such as making sure your heater model is up to date because this will mean that it will most likely have the latest in safety technology.

You also need to ensure that your heater is the right size for the room. The last couple of tips: space heaters should be at ground level and never place them near furniture.