Soothe Yourself To Sleep With Bose’s Latest Ear Buds

Falling asleep to music might be as old as music itself, but the truth is, for some, it’s still too stimulating. One of the other problems often encountered by those who rely on sound to go to sleep is that is can frequently disrupt others who prefer to sleep in silence. Using headphones to achieve this environment has been a nuisance and even quite possibly dangerous due to the wired design of most headphones, until now. Though wireless earbuds have continued to proliferate, none have been specifically designed with sleep in mind.

Bose has taken that task to hand and not only designed a pair of wireless earbuds that will be comfortable to wear while sleeping, they also wanted to make sure that they would functionally be able to aid sleep. Instead of playing music that would stream from one of your devices, the new Bose Sleepbuds will play a mix of sounds designed to help you fall and stay asleep better. Though Bose has great noise canceling headphones, the company recognized that their technology doesn’t help to drown out unexpected noise, like speaking.

Their new Sleepbuds are pre-set with a specially designed track that will “combine passive blocking of sleep-disturbing sounds with a choice of sounds engineered to mask what gets past the blocking by the eartips.” This way, you won’t hear things like traffic from the outside or even your partner’s snoring.

Physically, the earbuds are the smallest Bose has ever made, which was intentional, as they wanted to be sure the earbuds were comfortable even while sleeping on one’s side. Of the 10 pre-programmed tracks to choose from, there’s a number of different nature tracks as well as others like brown noise, or even a dehumidifier. The volume is also adjustable, so you can have the best night’s sleep possible.