Smart Insoles Can Track Soccer Kicks for FIFA Rewards

Three of the world’s largest companies, Adidas, EA, and Google, have teamed up to develop and create a smart shoe insole. This gadget can be linked to a smartphone to track soccer player’s kicks and movements while on the field. The wearable tech isn’t made for professional athletes, but rather for gamers who also play the sport at an amateur level. They can use the collected data to earn rewards in FIFA mobile.

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Smart Insoles Can Track Soccer Kicks for FIFA Rewards

How Does the Smart Insole Work

The smart insole is called Adidas GMR and is powered by Google’s Jacquard wearable technology. For $40, buyers get two insoles with two tracking devices. The Jacquard tag is placed in a pocket on the insole of the shoe on the dominant foot, while the tummy tag goes in the shoe on the other foot. The devices track the player’s physical movements during a soccer match via machine learning algorithms, and use the gathered information to give in-game rewards in FIFA mobile.

Combining Soccer With Fifa Gaming

Those wearing the smart insole must download the Adidas GRM app and link it to their Jacquard tag. Once that’s done, the app can be synced with the user’s FIFA mobile profile. Players will have weekly real-world challenges such as running a certain amount of miles or kicking the ball a set amount of times. Once a task is complete, the player has to transfer the generated data to this FIFA mobile account to get his rewards.

Soccer Gaming
Smart Insoles Can Track Soccer Kicks for FIFA Rewards

This new wearable smart tech is designed to last between two and three full soccer games (or a week when used moderately), after which it must be charged. The idea behind this invention is to encourage gamers to be more active by playing their favorite sport in the real world and giving them rewards in the virtual world for their on-the-field efforts. With this technology, soccer and gaming are brought one step closer together.