Protect Your Smart Home With This Watchdog Device

Kickstarter has revealed a new device which is hoping to make your home worry-free from possible network hackers. Introducing Akita Instant Privacy, the security device you probably did not even realize you needed. That will all change now.


Smart homes are meant to help make your life easier, so this smart device is going to do just that. Forget worrying about someone using your device to hack into your life, this new watchdog will prevent hackers from connecting to your smart devices.

If you have a smart doorbell or a smart light switch, you probably do not think about anything after that. However, the number of cyber attacks in smart homes is on the rise, according to Akita’s Kickstarter page, since hackers can connect to devices, which is just a scary thought.


Akita allows you to sleep easy at night since you can plug it in and it does all the work for you. With threat intelligence, behavioral analysis, and machine learning, Akita will sense any unusual activity in your network and shut it down immediately.

Meanwhile, Akita will keep your information private – just as it states, and means – which differs from other security devices. However, unlike other home security devices, Akita will not see your personal information, and instead uses an IPS security method which flags anyone who should not be on your phone or smart device.

Should you run into any problems with Akita, it also has on-call privacy experts who are there to help should you need. Sound like a good device to you? Support Akita on Kickstarter today and get peoples homes safe. Shipping for the Akita device will begin in April at a price starting at just $89. With this small price, you will be able to protect your home from invaders and keep hackers out of your business.