New “Smart Bone” Is The Gadget That Your Dog Has Always Wanted

It’s a classic combination: a dog and a bone. It’s a combo that has been proven to work time and time again. Now though, a design team has put together a “Smart Bone,” ushering your pooch into the tech generation.

bone 2

Most importantly though, it appears that this smart bone might be the thing that your dog needs if you are not there to cuddle up next to them. You might be wondering though: how exactly can a bone provide a dog with emotional support?

Basically, the Wickedbone is the first interactive smart toy tailored for dogs. Shaped like a bone, this device is a customizable marvel that allows you to adjust to your dog’s personality.

This bone-shaped gadget has what its designers refer to as an “emotional system.” Basically, whatever emotion your dog may be going through at any given moment, the Wickedbone will respond accordingly.

bone 1

If your dog is bored, the Wickedbone will fix that. If your dog is sleeping, the bone will not interrupt. And if the dog is barking like crazy, the gadget will provide soothing sounds to relax your hound.

Not only that, but the Wickedbone also has a two-wheel system, meaning that it will roll away from the dog, prompting them to chase after it. There is also an app that allows owners to control the direction of the Wickedbone.

If you are worried about this gadget’s battery life, have no fear; we’ve got you covered. The Wickedbone can survive for four hours in interactive mode while lasting a staggering three months in sleep mode.

bone 4

It also lasts 40 minutes if constantly used. However, it only takes an hour to charge. Cheerable Technology Co. Ltd. is the company responsible for this cute little piece of pet ingenuity. Cheerable focuses much of its attention on pet-related technology.