Bring The Cinema Home With The Smallest Projector Yet

We all had those friends who had a serious home theater set up. A screen the size of a wall, a projector, and usually an excellent sound system. However, the projectors of old have always been a cumbersome piece of property, bulky more often than not, and difficult to position. It should come as no surprise that the world is finally ready for a pocket-sized projector, but this new smart projector is both small and strong.

The Cinemood Portable Movie Theater is a great option for those who are looking to watch movies on the big screen but are also frequently on the go. A comfortable fit for someone with an average sized palm, the projector no longer has to be relegated to a back corner of the basement.

The Cinemood gets even better than that. It’s wireless, making it a truly portable option, and can connect to your smartphone in order to retrieve the best streaming content of the day, whether it’s from Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming provider.

If you don’t want to stream from the internet, you can easily fill a memory stick with your favorite films and plug it into the projector, making it easy to share movie night with all of your neighbors should you so desire. Even better, the battery is said to last at least six hours, making it possible to even host an outdoor movie marathon that’s entirely wire-free.

The most difficult part of using the Cinemood Portable Movie Theater is finding or setting up a screen to use it with, though once you’ve found it, the small device can fill a screen that reaches about 12 feet wide. The only other downside of the projector is the built-in speaker. Sure, it’s there, but a true aficionado will want to bring in a Bluetooth speaker of their own for optimal sound.