Senso Just Released The Best Wireless Headphones

Since portable music players came into being, there have been athletes who rely on music to accompany their training. As technology advanced and bulky tape and disc players gave way to compact digital music players, it’s only become easier to listen to music on the go.

The last holdout of this technological frontier has been headphones. Though slim, lightweight headphones are readily available, many don’t achieve a good sound quality, and for the movers and shakers out there, they are loath to stay put when you’re on the go. Enter the Senso S-250 ActivBuds.


These wireless bluetooth earbuds don’t sacrifice design for functionality. They have a comfortable over ear hook that stays put while you’re moving, connected by a single cord, so they don’t get lost. Despite their small size, Senso made sure that the audio quality wouldn’t suffer.

In addition to the case and charging cable, the earbud set also includes three different sizes of ear tips, in order to best fit a wide range of physical ear sizes. As if that weren’t enough, Senso has managed to include noise cancelling technology in their buds, a nice option for those who don’t want to carry around bulky headphones all the time.


At only $36.95 per pair, Senso’s wireless bluetooth ear buds are probably the best bang for your buck, packing in the quality of far more expensive headphones, but in a compact and functional size. Amazon reviewer Michael J Wilson gave the product a glowing endorsement writing, “I have yet to find a pair of earbuds that got [it] right especially when exercising UNTIL NOW!!!

“Yesterday I ran my first 5k wearing these with sunglasses and they were super comfortable and did not fall out. I have already recommended these to a couple friends. The sound is so good too. It drowns out everything around you. The controls are easy to use on the move, changing tracks or adjusting volume. And pairing these to a phone is idiot proof. 5 stars all around. Well done!”