Schoolgirl Invents Digital Fruit Bowl That Could Help Prevent Food Waste

An 11-year-old has invented a gadget that can help prevent food waste. She has created a fruit bowl that alerts the user when food is about to expire. Now, a huge independent food retailer has secured the rights to it.

bowl 2

Rumaan Malik is an extremely creative individual and as a young student, she shines at Grasby All Saints Primary School in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. After inventing a fruit bowl that she called the “Alarm Cup,” Rumaan thinks she’s onto something big.

She ended up winning the Ocado’s Food Waste Challenge award with a cool invention. As a result, the online company has teamed up with Little Inventors to turn the bowl into a household item.

“I started thinking about what we throw away at home and what would help us stop this happening,” Rumaan said. “Apples are my favorite fruit, but they were always going all soft when my mum left them out in the fruit bowl and forgot about them.

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“That’s when I thought of my idea and started drawing the Alarm Cup. I thought that we all need something that could help us use up our fruit by sounding an alarm before it goes off, instead of letting it end up in the bin. I couldn’t believe it when my teacher told me I had won!”

What separates the “Alarm Cup” from other devices that were presented at the Food Waste challenge is how easy it is to use. All you do is put your food of choice into the bowl, and apply the settings using the little touchscreen display at the front.

WRAP special advisor on household food waste, Helen White, said the following: “We were particularly impressed by Rumaan’s invention as it addresses one of the key reasons food ends up in the bin: not using it in time. Even if we understand the difference between date labels, we can still struggle to use what we’ve bought.”

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“The Alarm Cup challenges this by reminding us when our food needs using up, and nudges us towards adopting positive behaviors that can help to reduce the five million tonnes of good food wasted from our homes every year.”