Will The PS5 Be Backwards Compatible With All Previous Playstations?

The Sony PlayStation franchise has many loyal followers who have stuck with their favorite video game console since the ‘90s. Sony hasn’t always been keen to reward that loyalty with backward compatibility when they bring out new machines, but will the PS5 be different?

Will The PS5 Be Backwards Compatible With All Previous Playstations?

What To Do With The Stacks Of Games?

If you’ve been gaming for decades then there’s a good chance there are stacks of games hidden somewhere around your home, or maybe your parents’ basement. That’s possibly four generations of gaming you could be enjoying but you can’t because the following generations of PlayStation never allowed it.

You had to hope and pray that your old machine would stand the test of time if you wanted to play some Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid, or Final Fantasy VII. Those titles have been remade, remastered, or released digitally in recent years, but for a long time, you were deprived of playing your old favorites.

A Secret Patent

Keen-eyed PlayStation fans have been scouring the internet for any clues about the new machine, and one was recently uncovered which was music to many fans’ ears. It looks as though Sony has applied for a patent to enable backward compatibility and not just for PS4 games, but all the way back to the first generation. If it’s true, then you can finally dust off those old games and boot them up on your new PS5 whenever it comes out.

Will The PS5 Be Backwards Compatible With All Previous Playstations?

PlayStation Or Xbox?

For a long time, Xbox users have had the upper hand when it comes to the tribal arguments over which machine is better. Finally, it seems as though PS5 users will be able to play any game they want from their own library, matching Xbox’s long-standing capability.

Xbox users have largely been able to put one of their old disks into their new machine and fire up their old games for a heavy hit of nostalgia. Although PlayStation has left it late, it looks as though loyal Sony fans will finally get their nostalgia hit after so many years without it.

Backward compatibility is something PlayStation fans have been yearning for, and now the video game console manufacturer seems to have listened. The patent has been filed, and if Sony follows up on it, PS5 gamers can get straight into the action without buying a bunch of games.