Plex Arcade Will Enable Streaming for Classic Video Games

Cloud streaming has shown itself to be very beneficial for gaming, allowing people to play their favorite games on any device. Although many use cloud streaming for modern high-end titles, it appears that people are just as interested in old classic games. To address the demand, Plex Arcade will be giving its clients a way to stream classic video games to Android TV and Android devices, as well as Chrome and other platforms.

Plex Arcade Will Be Able to Stream Retro Games From a Plex Server to Any Device

Plex Arcade
Plex Arcade Will Enable Streaming for Classic Video Games

Plex started by providing customers with a way to stream music, movies, television shows, and other videos from a server or home computer to any device. After the company announced Plex Arcade, the streaming server app expanded into video games, and more specifically retro games. Like its competitors, Plex will use a server to stream the games to any device. The tech that will be used to that end is called Parsec and is a free remote gaming application. Parsec makes low-latency streams possible and enables the streaming of games.

Plex Arcade Allows Streaming from Many Different Consoles

The Atari VCS Console
Plex Arcade Will Enable Streaming for Classic Video Games

Currently, Plex Arcade allows streaming for games from around a dozen consoles, and the emulation aspects are handled by the open-source project LibRetro. The company has also added a small library of classic Atari games to every subscription. Plex Arcade will have other restrictions as well. The host server will have to be macOS or Windows-based and must have a Parsec-compatible graphics card. At this point, Linux, NAS, or Nvidia Shield TV machines won’t be able to host games.

For now, the gameplay is restricted to Android, iOS, Apple TV, Chrome, and Android or Google TV. There are also no guarantees that a controller will work, but Plex is recommending an Xbox or DualShock 4 controller. Still, for those who have all the right hardware and the desire to play some good old retro game, Plex Arcade will be available for a small subscription fee.