This Is Everything We Know About The Playstation 5 So Far

Some are speculating that the next generation of video games consoles could be the last ever and PCs will finally take over completely. Others believe there will always be a place for consoles though and if the PlayStation 5 can impress as much as the PS4 did, then the future is bright. With not many details known yet, here is everything we know about the PS5 so far.

This Is Everything We Know About The Playstation 5 So Far

Surround Sound

The first thing we’ve learned is that the console is set to include ground-breaking technology that will make gamers be able to hear everything that’s going on around them. That means if something is going on behind you, you’re going to instinctively know where to look as your ears will react like they would in everyday life.

Faster Loading Times

The games on the PS4 are huge these days and unfortunately, it can result in long loading times when you’re booting up your favorite titles. It looks as though the PlayStation 5 will have shorter waiting times, but with increased game sizes the processing power is going to need a significant boost. If the PS5 can eliminate the time spent staring at loading screens it’s sure to be an instant hit.

This Is Everything We Know About The Playstation 5 So Far

Backward Compatible

This is news many loyal PlayStation gamers have been asking for. It has been confirmed that all PS4 games will be compatible with the next generation of Sony console, so there’s no need to sell off your favorite titles. With the improved processing power, all of our PS4 games will feel as though they are getting an upgrade by being played on a superior machine.

Improved Graphics

When a new console comes out, we often expect improved graphics and once again the PS5 looks to be a treat for our eyes. Many games already have impressive graphics, but with improved processing power we can expect this to be further enhanced. We’ll have more frame per second which brings us one step closer to hyper-realistic gameplay.

The next PlayStation isn’t expected to change the video gaming world like previous consoles, but it will be hugely impressive. It looks as though the PS5 will give every aspect of gaming a huge upgrade and who doesn’t want an even better experience than we already get?