The Latest Product To Hit Apple Shelves Has Your Health In Mind

An Apple store may be the last place you’d expect to find tools related to your health and hygiene, but given its stark white interior, one could almost confuse it with a dentist’s office, minus the reclining chairs.

You may have always wished for the two to be more aligned in their goals, and now, you’ll be happy to discover that they are. As smart tech continues to replace analogue models of just about everything, it was about time that dentists got into the game, fond as they are of reminding their patients just how badly they’ve cared for their teeth since their last visit.

Colgate has announced the a new partnership with Apple that will see consumers presented with one of the first smart toothbrush option on the market. The Colgate E-1 as it is to be called with naturally include an app for smart phones, which will help its users to better understand just how many mistakes they’re making when it comes to oral hygiene.

The app will track your usual brushing, create a map of your teeth, and give you tools in order to make your brushing more effective. As of right now, there is only an app for iOS available, which is unsurprising considering the monopoly Apple is taking in the product’s sale.

Though smart toothbrushes have not yet become a widespread toiletry, they are piggybacking off of the original smart toothbrush, Kolibree, which has released several iterations of the technology.

Colgate’s use of the Kolibree tech hasn’t just taken advantage of the hardware used to collect oral hygiene data. The toothbrush itself is nearly a double of the recently released Kolibree Ara. In comparison to its predecessor, the Colgate E-1 will only cost $99, a clear win over the Kolibree Ara’s $129 price tag. It seems Kolibree is only preferable to Android users.