Go Hands Free With Your Luggage With This New RetraStrap

You’re running to catch your flight; you’re rolling your case with one hand, trying not to spill coffee with the other. A newspaper is under your arm, and you don’t even know where your boarding pass is at this point from trying to hold so much at one point. Well, a new project on Kickstarter may be the answer to all your prayers.


Omar Abass from Columbus, Ohio is the inventor behind the newly designed gadget that allows you to wheel your case by using your torso. His idea was the solution to having two hands free when traveling which will allow you to balance whatever else you need.

Abass came up with the RetraStrap in 2013 when an idea struck him on his long trip to Europe. He has since raised more than $20,000 to bring his idea to life and has raised the money via Kickstarter.


The way the device works is by it being attached to the handle of your luggage case with a velcro loop and an extendable strap is then fixed around your torso. The idea was also a solution to help Mr. Abass from the pain he suffered to his shoulder blade, upper back, and neck when he traveled, since he was constantly pulling a carry on case with a twisted arm. The RetraStrap will allow travelers to easily pull a bag, while also helping forgetful travelers not to lose their bag.


Speaking of his finished product, the designer himself said, ‘The hands-free carry-on strap will make your travel much easier, relaxing, and more enjoyable. Having that extra hand while traveling is definitely a significant help, whether you want to reach to your pocket, carry your passport, phone, computer, coffee, breakfast or hold your loved one’s hand.’

He continued, ‘Not to mention, it is less likely that you might forget your bag somewhere and get it confiscated. Our RetraStrap can be used by anybody, irrespective of shape, size, and height. You can adjust it easily to fit your specific body size and layers of clothing.’ The plan is to sell the RetraStrap for $34.99, with worldwide shipping available.