Google Assistant Is Now On Sonos Speakers

We live in a world where smart technology is the way forward. So many homes can now easily be controlled through apps and voice control, making things like turning on the lights or playing music a thing of the past. This technology will only continue to improve in the coming years, with significant progress already being made. For instance, Google Assistant just took a huge leap forward by becoming available on Sonos speakers.

Google Assistant Is Now On Sonos Speakers

Two For One

Sonos was already the home of Alexa, but now Amazon will have to share the space with Google’s own voice-controlled assistant. That’s because the speaker company recently revealed that both assistants can now be used through their sound system, although not at the same time. For every speaker you own, you’ll have to choose whether you want it to connect with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Serving Different Purposes

While it may be inconvenient picking between one or the other, we’re certainly not upset about being offered a choice. People typically use the two assistants for different purposes, so having access to both through various speakers ought to come in handy. While one can deal with your shopping needs or queue up a new series, the other can answer your questions and play music. Talk about convenient.

Google Assistant Is Now On Sonos Speakers

The Popular Choice

The fact that Google Assistant is now available on Sonos speakers is particularly notable because it continues to grow in popularity. While consumers initially turned to Alexa for their needs, they now typically find that Google is far better at meeting their needs. If that’s true, then having greater access to the virtual assistant can only be a good thing.

Considering Google promised to bring their assistant to Sonos’ speakers back in 2017, this new development isn’t necessarily a huge shock. However, it is one that we’re welcoming with open arms.