This New Gadget Is The Key To Solving Sleep Disorders

For those who suffer from insomnia, traveling overseas can become an even more torturous task knowing that the chances you’ll sleep on the plane are slim to none, and the effects of jet lag will be even greater on you body due to the accumulated fatigue.

Rather than relying on chemical aids, natural or synthetic, a French company has released a new device that will not only help anyone fall asleep faster, but will significantly cut down on the effects of jet leg. The Dodow sleep aide works as well or better than medication or melatonin pills, and also leaves you without the unwanted side effects.

The Dodow was created with meditative techniques in mind, but in a user friendly way that can ease those who are unfamiliar with it. There’s no instructive voices or music, just a small blue light that works to guide the users breath. The cycle can be set for either 10 or 20 minutes with only a tap of the finger.

After the cycle of the blue glow brightening and fading, the device will turn itself off. The important part is to continue focusing on your breath, rather than getting caught up in your phone or even letting your thoughts get the better of you. Once you get your breath matching the rhythm of the light, you’ll be lulled to sleep, possibly even before the cycle is over.

You may be thinking that such a device would never work for you, but the genius of it is that it was created by a team of long time insomniacs who found that meditation was the only cure for their sleep deprivation.

Unlike embarking on true meditative practice, however, the Dadow was designed with science in mind. The light is a good distraction to keep your mind from wandering, while the time intervals at which it pulses bring your breath into an interval proven to have a lulling effect.