This Gadget Makes Sure That You Never Lose Your Friends

Have you ever been to a concert with your friends and spent hours trying to look for them after coming back from the bathroom? Or have you been stranded in the woods on a camping trip? Well, this gadget may have just solved that problem, once and for all.

friends 1

A new gadget called Lynq has been designed with the goal of ensuring that there are no more moments of panic when you split up with friends and family, for whatever reason.

We’ve all been there – you all split up to do separate things and then you have to find a random reference point to meet up at. It’s a logistical nightmare. But with Lynq, the logistics are all in place.

Basically, the Lynq informs you exactly how far you are from each respective friends, and in which direction. You don’t even need a data connection to make it work.

friends 3

It sounds like the stuff of dreams, but as a result of some truly awesome technology, this fantastic device is bound to become a must-have for people who want to go out with their friends. Although it doesn’t really do anything else, the Lynq is proving to be an essential concept that will prevent many from getting lost.

But how exactly does it work? In short, it is a mix of kinetic positioning and GPS. If your friends also have Lynqs, you can connect with each other and each other’s respective location will always be easy to check.

The main indicator of how close or far you are from someone can be seen at the top of the small screen. The larger the blob gets, the closer you are to your selected friend. Pretty basic stuff, but super impressive at the same time.

friends 2

In order to save battery life, the screen turns off automatically if unattended. However, when you decide to use it again, the Lynq is back on, in full effect.