Couple Gets Married Using Virtual Reality Software

Weddings are hard enough to organize in reality, so imagine what it would be like putting one together in virtual reality.

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A couple went the extra mile recently, to tie the knot in another dimension. Elisa Evans and Martin Shervington got married in a venue called AltspaceVR.

The company collaborated with the couple in order to put together an epic day that they would never forget.

AltspaceVR puts people in a virtual space with one another, so they do things beyond reality and keep them there.

Evans and Shervington have had time to adjust to their chosen wedding venue. Adopting pink and blue avatars respectively to navigate around the VR space, they wouldn’t want to tie the knot any other way.

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This also means that they were able to invite their friends and family, who could also take part in the virtual experience. Everyone started in the groom’s home, before proceeding to AltspaceVR’s wedding venue.

The ceremony was spectacular and was led by an ordained officiator who happens to work for the company. Therefore the marriage is 100% legitimate.

After reciting their vows, all who attended blessed the newlyweds with many happy emojis. However, one aspect of the virtual wedding that can’t quite compare to real life is a virtual first kiss.

Although real life weddings can often be much more expensive, weddings with virtual reality headsets can also burn a hole in one’s pocket. Both Evans and Shervington had to spend $2,531 in order to acquire a computer and headset for the occasion.

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Despite spending most of the day in a digital space together, the congregants and the married couple still went across the road to a bar to have some celebratory drinks.

Tangible food and a real life wedding cake were part of the post-virtual reality ceremony party. The cake had cute VR avatars iced on top.