This Bottle Sleeve Will Change The Way You Drink Your Wine

This special wine bottle is able to protect your wine from air and light, the two biggest threats to its quality. Kuvee keeps your wine safe in a metal bottle and the liquid is sealed airtight inside.

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Regarded as the first smart wine bottle, Kuvee is less of an actual bottle and more of a sleeve for the ones you already have. When you fit it over your drink of choice, the technology provides the drinker some key details.

These include the type of wine in the bottle, where it was made, as well as how much is left in the bottle. That’s not all, the device allows one to order more of the same if you like the one you have just enjoyed.

Because the Kuvee keeps the drink airtight, one can only pour the wine if it is encased within the sleeve. As a result, there is no chance of spillage.

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This leads us to the main downside of this seemingly fault-proof device. At this moment in time, one can only order wines from Kuvee’s 48 partnered vineyards, mainly located in Napa Valley.

However, you can expect to enjoy whichever wine is encased for over a week. The lifespan of the drink inside the Kuvee is proven to be longer than in its usual circumstances.

Ultimately, this wine sleeve is perfect for three types of people: those who enjoy a bottle to themselves but can not finish it in one night, those couples who just want to open one bottle, and for situations when there are many drinkers with different preferences.

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Only time will tell if the Kuvee bottle sleeve will appeal to more than just the three aforementioned audiences. However, one thing is for sure, this is a device that many sommeliers will want to try out at least once in their lives.