It Is Time To Cut The Cord And Invest In These New Wireless Products

As we watch technology grow, we see the decrease in wires and cords.

The lastest iPhone did not even give customers the choice of plugging in their usual wired headphones but made them completely wireless, an innovation that is constantly on the rise.

With the wireless feature becoming increasingly more popular amongst tech innovators, it is time to decipher the useful from the useless. Here are five wireless gadgets that are sure to take over your home without the added mess of wires.

1. Amazon Echo Dot

Alexa has become many households newest family member thanks to her obedience at the mention of a request.

The Echo Dot goes perfectly with the family favorite and is the most portable and affordable device that uses Alexa.

You will forget a time before the Amazon Echo Dot thanks to its extended abilities.


2. Total Wireless

Forget the commitment to a yearly mobile contract, the Total Wireless offers you 25GB of shared data and unlimited talk and text for just $25/month per line, for a total of 4 lines.

Total wireless is a totally dependable and affordable alternative to signing a contract.


3. August Smart Lock

You may stay up till the early hours of the morning waiting for your kids to return home from their adventures, but with the Smart Locks, you will be notified when the status has changed meaning your child is home safely.

smart lock

4. Neato Robotic Vacuum

Nothing beats someone else taking the responsibility for the household chores, especially on one of those days when sitting on the sofa seems like the best possible option.

Well, there is something to allow you to do just that, while the house gets cleaned at the same time.

The Neato Botvav D5 is a smart vacuum that is wireless allowing it to navigate turns and corners effortlessly.


5. Eero WiFi

Concerned about the fact you can only put your WiFi device in a specific location around the house?

Worry no more, because the Eero’s mesh network and hub system allows you to have Wifi with always-on connectivity anywhere around the house, allowing all your new wireless gadgets to work perfectly.