Apple Could Be Launching Their Own Version Of Tile To Help Find Lost Items

Apple has got a good grip on the technology market, but it looks as though the Silicon Valley giants are branching out further. They are proposing to launch their own version of Tile to help their customers find their lost items. Here’s what we know about the latest must-have gadget coming from Apple.

Apple Could Be Launching Their Own Version Of Tile To Help Find Lost Items

Tracking Lost Items

For several years the company Tile have been providing their customers with a device that allows them to locate their lost items. It can be stuck to pretty much anything of value, and you just have to use an app on your phone, and the tile will seek you out. Apple seems to think that’s a pretty good idea and are putting their weight behind creating something similar.

The device proposed by Apple is very similar to Tile’s and will use your iPhone to keep tabs on the tracking device. You’ll even reportedly receive push notifications if you get separated from your item.

More Advanced

It is believed the Apple product will be a little more advanced than the device we currently get from Tile. Apple’s new product will store some of your information and can be put into “lost mode” so that anyone with an iPhone can find it. Then the person who finds your stuff can get in touch with you.

Apple are also proposing that you can share the location data for the specific tags with your friends and family. So you could leave something concealed for a friend to find by giving them the information on their phone.

Apple Could Be Launching Their Own Version Of Tile To Help Find Lost Items

Time For Some Competition

If Apple decides to dip into this market, it could spell danger for Tile as it would be a huge competitor to deal with. Even though Tile has a headstart on the tech, if Apple puts its resources into researching and developing their own version, it would rival Tile’s product. Apple are even proposing to create a new app for this product, that would combine Find My Friends and Find My iPhone.

Apple are always looking to broaden their horizons, and it seems as though they’ve got their hearts set on a seeking device just like Tile. If they bring it to market, it could be a significant challenger to Tile’s dominance and must have them looking over their shoulders a little bit.