Amazon Believes Their Rekognition Software Can Now Detect Fear

Let’s be honest; Amazon is a true force to be reckoned with. Ever since Jeff Bezos created this online bookstore, the company magnate has expanded his empire to include so many additions. This includes television shows, music streaming services, smart speakers, and new technology that is paving the way for a new world. Now, Amazon believes that its Rekognition software has taken the next step.

Amazon Believes Their Rekognition Software Can Now Detect Fear

A New Software

It seems as though the geniuses behind the scenes at Amazon are always working on new and interesting theories that will hopefully become a reality, and it seems as though their facial recognition software is one of the ideas that has since become a reality. The platform was launched in 2016, and since then, the cloud-based software has been used to detect and analyze faces.

Facing Criticism

Of course, new advancements don’t come without criticism, and it’s fair to say that Rekognition has faced a huge amount of negative press. While many people just don’t like this form of technology, there are others who believe that the technology just isn’t advanced enough and doesn’t work to its true potential. However, Amazon has since said that its technology can now detect emotions.

Amazon Believes Their Rekognition Software Can Now Detect Fear

Detecting Emotions

In August 2019, Amazon noted that their Rekognition software had been updated for “improved accuracy for emotion detection.” They suggested that their platform was able to detect everything from happiness to sadness, and an added extra emotion of fear. While it’s not known what this will be used for, rumors suggest that it will be used within police work.

Of course, it seems as though facial recognition still has a long way to persuade the general public that this is something we need in the modern world. What do you think?