Could 5G Be the Answer to Traffic Jams?

Although there’s no doubt about the fact that 5G critics have had their say on this new super-fast internet, there are others who can’t wait to be able to experience the many possibilities of 5G. After all, 5G will see us connect to each other and information quicker than we ever have before, but this connectivity lies beyond social media apps and Tik Tok dances. Many experts are saying that 5G could actually be the end of traffic jams as we know them.

Stuck In A Jam

Even if you don’t drive yourself, there’s a high chance that you have found yourself stuck in a traffic jam. These jams are most prominent in large cities, and they’re incredibly frustrating – especially when you have places to be. It’s been said that the average American can spend a whopping 54 hours a year stuck nose-to-tail in traffic, and at its worse, those who live in London, England can spend around 227 hours a year stuck in their cars without any movement in sight.

Super-Fast Connectivity

While we live in a modern world where traffic jams can be avoided if you have a car with the right technology, it seems as though 5G might make this even easier. With super-fast connectivity, this could see vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) connectivity become everyone’s best friend. Cars are now being designed to talk to each other, and they are also being designed to send over information about traffic jams, braking speed, and even any accidents that have occurred. If you could receive that information before you hit the traffic jam that it’s talking about, that could save you some serious road rage.

5G has many possibilities, but avoiding traffic jams is one of the most desirable. This is especially true for those who spend a lot of their time driving, as this could save them a huge amount of time.