5 Essential Travel Gadgets You Should Take Wherever You Go

Whenever you travel, there are a number of things to consider. Safety, finances, and health are just a handful of important things to be aware of. Here are five essential gadgets that you should take on your travels.

1. Door Alarm

travel 6

To travel means to delve into unfamiliar territory with unfamiliar faces. You will likely have to stay in some hostels or shared accommodation. That’s where the Lewis N. Clark travel alarm comes in handy. Just apply this gadget to your hostel door, and you’ve added an extra level of security to your travel experience.

2. Compact Compressor

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When you travel, packing can be such an annoyance. When you’re going to numerous locations, it’s imperative to travel light. So the Vago vacuum compressor is the perfect device to solve this problem. All you have to do is put your clothes in a compression bag, then attach the device and press the button. The process will shrink your clothes in a matter of minutes.

3. Smart Writing Kit

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The line between digital typing and handwriting is blurring by the day. However, the Moleskine smart notebook seems to combine the two in a masterful way. You can draw pictures or take notes in the notepad, which then syncs up your sketches or notes onto your device of your choosing. This means that the days of taking photos of your notes are long gone.

4. Camera Phone Drone

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Who needs a selfie stick when you have a drone that takes photos for you? That is exactly what will happen if you purchase the AirSelfie photo drone. The light flying device can last in the air for over three minutes. All you need is the app and you can take selfies from sky-high with the click of a button!

5. Luggage Scale

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We always worry about exceeding that weight limit when checking in our luggage. Now, you can avoid worrying about those excess baggage fees with this Balanzza Mini hand-held scale. Just attach the device to your case of choice and lift it. Voila, you know exactly how much you’re taking on your travels.