The Real Life Of Teri Hatcher

Earning Her Worth

During her time on Desperate Housewives, rumors began to swirl that Hatcher was disliked by her fellow co-stars and that she was meant to be fired during season five.


What Went Wrong?

It had been reported that Nicollette Sheridan, who played Edie Britt on the show, had told the show’s creator that Hatcher was the “meanest woman in the world.” While the pair may have played on-screen enemies, it seems like it was not much better off-screen according to reports, and it did not end there. When it came to the cast’s 2005 cover for Vanity Fair, it would have been appropriate to give Hatcher center stage. However, this did not end up happening.


Taking Center Stage

It was reported that during the photoshoot, Hatcher’s co-stars, Eva Longoria and Marcia Cross, threatened to walk off the shoot if Hatcher was placed in the center of the image. The proof of the allegation was made clear when the cover showed Hatcher positioned to the far left of her co-stars, allowing Longoria to be positioned at the front. Longoria also made no mention of Hatcher when she spoke of her good relationship with her co-stars away from the show, but mentioned Felicity, Marcia, and Nicolette.


What’s In A Name?

This was not the first snub made by Hatcher’s long-term co-stars. The off-screen feud between the women of Wisteria Lane was made apparent to the public after the gift the stars gave to the show’s crew was shown in the media. The gift was signed by the four leading ladies of the final series, but the fifth star, Hatcher, for some reason was not included. This confirmed the rumors fans had heard since season five. One thing was for certain, Hatcher was not in the circle of friends.


Hatcher Is Here To Stay

Although it was alleged that writers tried to kill off Hatcher from the series in season five, creator of the show, Marc Cherry, played down the idea. In the end, Hatcher played her role of Susan Mayer up until the final episode of the series but was numerously seen missing when her co-stars were photographed together. Meanwhile, Hatcher finally spoke out publicly about the rumors and wanted to put a rest to it once and for all. So just what was going on?


Don’t Believe Everything You Read

A year after our much-loved housewives left our screens, Hatcher finally had her say on the rumors that spread during her time on the show. On the topic of any feud, Hatcher stated, ‘That crew knows I’d have jumped in front of a bus for them at any moment,’ she says. ‘I was beyond generous throughout those eight years and any crew member will tell you that, so it doesn’t matter what anybody writes.’ However, Hatcher did not delve into the actual relations with the ladies.


Off-Screen Holiday

In an interview Teri admitted that, ‘My daughter [Emerson] and I actually take an annual camping trip on the coast with some of the crew from Desperate Housewives who have little kids and one of the traditions we have is to watch The Aristocats.’ While this may not reveal who is involved on this annual trip from the crew, it does express that the relationship Hatcher had with everyone was not completely terrible. However, it does seem suspicious that Hatcher never mentioned anyone by name.


New Best Friend

Hatcher does speak of her close relationship with latecomer, Vanessa Williams, who joined the cast of Desperate Housewives in 2010. While it is unclear as to the friendship Hather has with her other co-stars, in her 2013 interview she expressed, ‘What I will say is that, although she was a late addition, Vanessa Williams and me are pretty good friends. In fact, she was the one who just set me up on a blind date, the first date I’ve had in two-and-a-half years.’


Similar Interests

Hatcher believed her blossoming friendship with her new co-star was because they shared many familiarities. Both were divorced, single mothers. As ladies served as the breadwinner of their families and are of a similar age, Teri expressed, ‘I think Vanessa and I bonded over that because we really did give a similar amount of energy to our jobs. If anything, I think the separation between the cast is that I just had a different life and a different priority, which was my daughter.’


Single-Mother Status

Just like her role as Susan Mayer on her television hit, where she plays a single mother, Teri is a single mother to Emerson Rose, now 19-years-old. She had her only child with her ex-husband and fellow actor, Jon Tenney, in 1997. Hatcher and Tenney wed in 1994 and were married to for nine years before divorcing in 2003. Meanwhile, Teri had once been married before meeting her child’s father. She was married to Marcus Leithold in 1988, only for the couple to divorce a year later.


Mother-Daughter Relationship

It seems as though the mother and daughter have an exceptional bond, as Hatcher always puts her daughter first. While filming her big TV hit, she admits she still did the school run, went to work and then picked her daughter up at the end of the day. When it came to choosing a college for Emerson, the duo traveled the country together to find the best one, and that is when Emerson had the idea of helping raise funds for students who couldn’t afford college.


Giving Back

Emerson started a fund while traveling, called, to raise money for the Fulfillment Fund. The organization which helps underprivileged kids is a place where “Many of these students are experiencing college for the first time in their entire family,” says Hatcher. “When one sister goes off to college, that goal becomes reachable and attainable, and it trickles down into their families. “I think when you have fortune, one of the most important things to do as a parent is to not raise a brat,”


Before Susan Mayer, There Was Lois

Having begun work on Desperate Housewives after her heartbreaking divorce, it would have been tough for any leading actress to begin a new project to the best of their abilities. However, Teri had previously proven her worth as a talented actress, and like any successful actor, she proved why she was the right casting for the role. Before becoming a household name on Desperate Housewives, Teri was best known as Lois from Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.


Super Girl

Teri landed her breakthrough role on ABC’s television show, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman in 1993. While her skills were showcased on the show while portraying Lois Lane, during the four years of starring on the popular series, Teri’s stunning looks never went unnoticed. Apart from her role as an actress, in 1995, after a picture of Hatcher wrapped in a Superman cape was released, it became the most downloaded image with 20,000 downloads each month, a fact that lasted for a six-month period.


The Name Is Hatcher

This could have been the reason she then won a role in the eighteenth film in the James Bond film franchise. Filming alongside the charming Piece Brosnan, Hatcher was cast to play the role of Paris Carver in Tomorrow Never Dies, beating the likes of Monica Bellucci for the exclusive role. That same year, 1997, her looks were highly acknowledged once again, and she won the credited award for the world’s best looking woman by readers of the men’s magazine, FHM.


Triple Threat

Alongside her successful acting career, Hatcher has also shown the world her singing talents. She first showcased her voice on Desperate Housewives. However, her vocals only truly came to light when she appeared on Idol Gives Back in 2008, where she sang Carrie Underwood’s, “Before He Cheats,” and also performed “Good Night” by The Beatles on the 2006 charity album, “Unexpected Dreams – Songs From the Stars.’ It seems as though Hatcher is quite the talented lady.


Highly Acclaimed Actress

By April 2006, Hatcher was making $285,000 per episode on the second season of Desperate Housewives, making her the highest paid television actress in the United States. Regardless of what her co-stars may have thought of her, her leading role on the television hit was a proven success with viewers, and she was surely the right lady for the job. This was highlighted further when she won the award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Golden Globe Award in 2005.


Chef Hatcher

After Desperate Housewives came to a halt, Teri was looking for a fresh new start and decided to test her culinary skills. She confessed in her 2013 interview that the first thing she did was get a fresh new hair-do and, ‘I actually enrolled in the Cordon Bleu cooking school [in Paris] as a full-time student. So, I would take my new short hair, put it in a ponytail and put my little chef-in-training hat on, my chef coat and no make-up.’


Not Going Anywhere

While her time on the show gave her a chance to rise to fame, she has continued to act in Hollywood since Desperate Housewives came to an end. In 2013, Hatcher voiced the role of Dottie in the film Planes, and in the 2014 sequel, Planes: Fire & Rescue. This is not the first time she has voiced a character in an animated film. She was the voice of the Other Motheras well as Coraline’s mother, Mel Jones, in the hit film Coraline.


Staying In Hollywood

In 2016, Thatcher was as the recurring role of Charlotte in the comedy series The Odd Couple. Once again, Hatcher was playing a successful single mother, who develops a love interest during the second season with Oscar, who is played by Matthew Perry. In 2017, Hatcher appeared as Queen Rhea of Daxam on the CW series Supergirl. Of course, this is not the first time Hatcher has appeared on a superhero series, but this time she explored a more villainous role.


A Super Reunion

Recently, Hatcher reunited with her former co-star, Dean Cain, who played Superman in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The two were touring Australia for the Supernova Comic-Con and Gaming Expedition and marked the 20th anniversary since the show was aired by climbing Australia’s iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. Posting a selfie of themselves together during their reunion, Hatcher was seen with her arms wrapped around Cain, very much like how Lois Lane was often seen with Superman.


Life Before Hollywood

Before appearing as Superman’s love interest, Teri Hatcher filled a surprising role, as she was a member of the San Francisco 49ers’ cheerleading squad, Gold Rush, during the early 1980’s. That is not her only NFL affiliation, however. Hatcher appeared alongside NFL player, Howie Long, in a series of Radio Shack television commercials. Following their roles in the commercial, the two remained good friends and even bought farmland together on the outskirts of Los Angeles in the hope of raising endangered species.


School First…

While growing up, Teri was not always on the path to fame and Hollywood. She actually had a completely different agenda for her future. Before becoming a household name, Teri was in college studying mathematics and engineering. She intended to follow in her engineer father’s footsteps. Her stint in Hollywood began as a fluke, when she went as a moral support for a friend going to a casting. In an unexpected turn of events, she ended up auditioning herself, and the rest is history.


… Or Not

It seems she was a natural since she then landed her big break in The Love Boat in 1986, starring as the singing and dancing mermaid, Amy. While she may have shown off her enviable figure throughout her time on Desperate Housewives in more subtle and conservative clothing, her outfit on The Love Boat was undeniably different. Rather, Hatcher and her co-stars on the show were given tight silver bodysuit costumes to wear aboard the Pacific Princess ocean liner, and her hairstyle was a clear reflection of the 80’s.


Hatcher Family

Hatcher was born into a family as an only child, which is interesting as she herself only has one daughter as well. Teri was born into a middle-class family, to a mother who is a mathematician and a father who is an engineer. Despite the fact that she was brought up in a middle class family, during hard times Hatcher lived off the fear of going broke and expressed, “At my lowest, I was making nothing, of course.”


Pretty Out Of Love

In 2011, Hatcher was also voted as number 38 on the “Hottest Women of All Time” by Men’s Health magazine. So how is it that the woman honored with the world’s prettiest woman award, is still single? Well, after a short-term romance with her first husband, things were looking up when she married Jon Tenney. However, after divorcing him, Teri revealed their romance was a far cry away from a romantic relationship and was rather passionless.


Unpresidential Behavior

In light of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, many videos of inappropriate conduct have been surfacing on the Internet. One of these is a clip of a video that took place in 2007, in which former President George H.W. Bush can be seen getting a little too friendly with Teri. The two can be seen walking together when Mr. Bush suddenly places his hand on Teri before he moves away and waves goodbye to her. However, this is not the first time Teri has experienced something like this…


Childhood Trauma

Hatcher has been very open about her childhood trauma. Beginning from when she was seven, Hatcher was abused by her uncle. This continued for years, and only until she had heard of other cases of his abuse did Teri decide to come out with her story. Thanks to her testimony, her uncle was finally locked up. Teri has admitted that her initial silence was due to being “convinced it was my fault and I blamed myself for what had happened, so I didn’t tell anyone and I was silent.”


Troubled Past Leads To Difficult Future

Teri attributes her lack of self-esteem and trust issues to this experience, as well as her mother’s parenting style. She shared, “[My mom] was very self-sacrificing…but almost to a bad point. She just never took anything good for herself…that was kind of my role model and sort of what I ended up doing.” Teri has also shared that she never repressed these memories, and has had to live with them every single day. Perhaps this is what led to difficult behavior on set.


Difficult To Work With

While it is no secret that Hatcher was not admired by the rest of her Desperate Housewives cast, their criticism would not be the last. Teri has been called out by her James Bond co-star, and Mr. Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan. Brosnan has publicly come out to say that she was not an easy person to work with. He said, “I got very upset with her. She was always keeping me waiting for hours. I must admit I let slip a few words which weren’t very nice.”


Where Is She Now?

While Teri was one of the biggest TV stars in the early 2000’s, it seems as though all of the bad press took a toll on her acting career. Though she has since appeared in a smattering of roles, they have mostly been supporting roles. Much of the work she has done in more recent years has been in animated films, allowing her to work while staying relatively anonymous. Things are looking up her Teri, however, as she has most recently been seen on a long arc on CBS’s Supergirl.

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